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Date: 1st July 2016
3.5 Inch NEW HVT CCTV Tester With PING IP, POE Test And Cable Scan Function (CT2602)
3.5 Inch NEW HVT CCTV Tester With PING IP,Website:, POE Test And Cable Scan FunctionDescription:The new CCTV tester is developed for the On-Site installation and maintenance of IP camera,analog camera and network device, with Video display, PTZ control, DC12v output power, Audio test, Color bar generator, RS 485 Data searching and Cable testing, which are the same to the previous models. The new developed functions include POE power supply testing, PING testing, IP address scan, Cable scan, Video snapshot, Video record, Image magnification, Port flicker, LED lamp etc. The new tester designed with easy operation and portability makes it simple for a cctv technician or installer to install and maintain CCTV systems, improving work efficiency by reducing time in the field.Applications:?Find out the other end of the cable in security maintenance and network engineering?CCTV system installation and maintenance?Dome camera and All in one camera testing?The CCTV transmitting channel testing?PTZ controllerFeatures:?3.5 inch full-view TFT-LCD, 480(RGB)x320?low consumption, work for 11 hours?OSD menu, English, Chinese and other languages optional?LCD screen brightness/contrast/color Saturation adjustable?Cable scan, send the specific signal, easy to find the connected cable.?Digital multimeter, voltage, current, resistance and capacitance can be tested, continuity testing, diode testing.?Automatically identify and adapt the video mode of NTSC and PAL?Enhanced colorbar generator, by receiving the video color bar to test the video channel whether transmit normally?Moveable Micro SD(4GB micro SD included)?LED Lamp, easy to operate at night?User-defined shortcut keys?F1 and F2??10x zoom,video image can be magnified to view the details, easy to use?Snapshot and save the current image as JPG file in the SD card?PING testing,test IP camera or other network devices? ethernet port whether work normally, and the IP address whether is right?IP address scan, quickly search the IP address for the connected IP camera and other network devices?POE voltage measurement, test the POE switch?s voltage to IP cameras, wireless AP device and other PD devices?Device Port flicker, easy to find the connected POE switch port by sending special signals, the connected POE port will flicker at special frequency?Link monitor; check the setting IP address whether occupied?PTZ address scan, search up the ID of PTZ camera.?Network cable and Telephone cable testing, display the sequence of connection and the No of the LAN cable?Multi-protocol. Supports more than thirty PTZ protocols. Such as PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG? Support RS232/RS485/RS422, rate 600 ? 115200bps adjustable ?Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. The device employs advanced power control and protection circuit?Display the data and image in on the screen at the same time?Easy for use that the train is almost unnecessaryFunction: 1. Video signal testingThe new cctv tester, built-in high definition 3.5"LCD-TFT 480?RGB?x320full-view display screen, easy and directly displays the camera image qualitySupport PAL/NTSCLCD screen brightness/Contrast/Color Saturation adjustable. Suitable for field construction and maintenance work2. Video signal level testTest video signal strength attenuation, longer video signal cable will cause the image to be dim, and reduce the image dynamic range, video signal is too strong, it will cause the virtual shadow, and reduce the sharpness of the image.It also can real-display the video level value, if out of range, notices will be display in the screen. 3. PTZ controllerDisplay the input video images. Pan/tilt the P/T unit and zoom in/ out the image. Setup the controlling parameters like protocol, communication port, baud rate, PTZ ID, pan/tilt speed; set and call preset position.4. Enhanced Color bar generatorVideo Generating, the PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator (Eight-system switchable, transmit/receive eight-system colorful imagines). By receiving the video color bar to test the video channel whether transmit normally. And judge whether the color is different, because of the transmission loss or interference, it suitable for Video transmission of the field tests, such as optical video transmitter and receiver, video cable etc.The new function color bar can test the image whether shift.The color bar (red, green, blue, white, black) test the monitor whether have white or black dot etc.5. DC12V 1A output power Power the camera with DC12V (1A) power output from the tester. It is helpful for demo and testing when the power supply is not available.6. Audio testing Test the audio input from pickup devices. Connect the tester and pickup device with the audio cable.7. Cable tester?Test LAN cable or telephone cable.Connect LAN cable or telephone cable with the CCTV tester and cable tester. And then the connecting status, cable type and the sequence of wires will be displayed, as well as the serial number of the cable tester kit.8. PTZ controller Search the Control protocol code from Multifunction keyboard or DVR by RS485 /RS232 interface, test the PTZ control command data whether received anomaly and RS485/RS232 data transmission.Screen displays 16 hexadecimal codes such as PELCO-P?A0 00?Add? xx xxxxxx AF xxPELCO-D?FF 01?Add?xx xxxxxxxx9. PTZ address scanningSearch up the ID of PTZ camera. Help the engineer search the speed dome address quickly.10. Image magnification(10xZoom)Set image 10x zoom, can view and display the details by 1x?2x?3x?4x?5x?6x - 10X zoom in the monitor and tester.11. Video snapshot Capture the video image and save the current video frames as JPEG file12. Video recordRecord and save the current video in the SD card 13. Video playback Video image and record files are saved in the SD card. Storage file directory can be created according to the date 14. Port flickerThe tester will send special signals to make the connected POE port flicker at special frequency, which will enable the installers to easily and quickly find the connected ethernet cable. This function can prevent mistakenly insertion or disconnection non-corresponding cable to artificially interrupt network connection.15. IP address scan In digital IP surveillance applications, if IP camera?s IP address is not clear or forgotten; the device cannot be used .IP address scan can quickly search the connected IP camera or other network device?s IP address.16. Link monitorTo add an IP camera or other network device to the current network group, the new IP address must not be occupied, otherwise it will cause IP conflicts and stop the equipment normal working. Link monitor can check if the new setting IP address is occupied.17. PING testPING is the most conventional network debugging tools; It is used for testing if the connected IP camera or other network equipment?s ethernet port is working normally and the IP address is correct.18. POE tester It can test the PoE voltage when the POE switch is supplying the POE power to IP camera. It can clearly display the power+ and power- on the ethernet cable pins, each cable pin?s voltage and the failure connection of cable pin series numbers.19. LED lampIt is useful for the Engineer to install and maintain security system at night. LED On/Off pressing button, easy operation.20. F1?F2 User-defined shortcut keysThe user-defined shortcut key is designed for improving the efficiency for the engineer, anytime press, easy to operate.21. Cable scan Send the specific signal, easy to find the connected cable.Technical specifications:ModelHVT CCTV TESTER CT2602 ( 6th generation)Video Test Signal modeNTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)Display3.5 inch digital TFT-LCD ,480?RGB?x 320 resolutionLCD adjustmentBrightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustableVideo IN/OUT1 channel BNC Input & 1 channel OutputVideo Output Mode1.0 Vp-pVideo Level testLevel testVideo signals measured in IRE or mVPTZ controllerCommunicationSupport RS232 and RS485PTZ ProtocolCompatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc.Baud Rate600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200bpsVideo Signal GenerationColor bar generatorOutput one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable.(red, green ,blue, white and black color )UTP CABLE TESTUTP cable testTest UTP cable connection status and display in the screen. Read the number of the test box.DC12V 1A power outputDC12V power output?Output DC12V1A power for cameraAudio input testAudio input testtest the pickup and other audio equipments on the front-endRS485 data analysisData MonitorCaptures and analyzes the command data from controlling device10 x zoom of imageImage 10x zoom10x zoom image display and video outPhotograph,Video record, Record playbackPhotographsnapshot and save the current image as JPG fileVideo recordVideo record and storage the fileRecord playbackTo view the storage file in the SD cardPort flicker Port flickerFind the connected POE port quickly.IP scan, Link monitor, PING testIP scanFind out the connected IP camera or the other network equipment IP address quickly.Link monitorCheck the IP address whether is occupiedPING testingTest IP camera or Ethernet port of the other network equipment whether work normally, and check the IP addressCable scanCable scanSearch the cable by the audio signalPOE testerPOE testerDisplay the power supply voltage and cable connection statesPOWERPower AdapterDC 5V?1.5A?BatteryBuilt-in 3.7V Lithium polymer battery ,3000mAhRechargeableAfter charging 3-4 hour, working time lasts 11 hoursLow ConsumptionEnergy saving technology, the battery icon real-time displayParameterOperation settingEnglish/Chinese and other languages OSD menuAuto off5-60 (mins)KeytoneOn/OffGeneralWorking Temperature-10?---+50?Working Humidity30%-90%Dimension /Weight194mm x 112mm x 48mm / 540g
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