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Date: 1st July 2016
4CH Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun With RJ45 And Terminal Block(VB304A)
4CH Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun ,Website:, BNC to RJ45 /CAT-5 Video Transceiver VB304A4CH Passive CCTV UTP Video Transmitter with RJ45 and Terminal Block(VB304A)Description:The 4CH Passive CCTV UTP Video Transmitter VB304A is a passive transmission device that transmits video signal over unshielded twisted pair wires, point-to-point, for distances up to 1000 feet (330 m). It uses Category 5 UTP. It?s easy to install and cost effective, and does not require power. Working with an 8-core CAT-5 can transport 4 channel video signals.Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.Features:1.?Full-motion CCTV video at distances up to 330m when used with any passive transceiver2.?Up to 1500m with any active UTP video receiver3.?Outstanding interference rejection, transient protection4.?High quality image5.?It can work as video transmitter or video receiver6.?Compact size and easy installation7.?With 4ch pigtail BNC male connector8.?Aluminum alloy case 9.?Connectors: Terminal block, RJ45, BNC male connectorTechnical specifications:4 Channel BNC to RJ45 /CAT-5 Video Transceiver (VB304)Video FormatNTSC,?PAL,?and?SECAM?Frequency ResponseDC?to?8MHzAttenuation0.5dB?typCMRR60?dB?ImpedanceCoax, Male BNC75?ohms?Terminal Block100?ohmsWorking environmentWorking?Temperature-10??to?+50??Storage?Temperature-30??to?+70?Humidity?0?to?95%Wire TypeUTP5ConnectorFemale BNC, RJ45 and Terminal BlockPowerNo power requiredCaseAluminum alloyDimension85mm*47mm*25mmWeight?206g/pcConnection method:Clamp modular plugs for a Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire according to the connection order of TIA/EIA-568B (please refer to the following figure),connect the clamped modular plugs to the RJ45 sockets, connect the coax to the connection terminal.Application Diagram?
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