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Date: 1st July 2016
4ch CCTV UTP Power Video Data Combiner Balun (PVD308)
4ch CCTV UTP Power Video Data Combiner Balun (PVD308) Description:The Power Video Data Combiner Balun is passive transceiver device that combines video,Website:, PTZ data, and camera power over a single 8-pair UTP cable to simplify CCTV installations in a structured wiring environment. At the camera end the single channel PVD video balun combiner provides video, power and data on separate outputs.The PVD308 series is designed to be installed at the control room. Each camera power output is equipped with a self-resetting fuse for extra protection. The PVD308 video connections are through BNC connectors and Coax cables to the DVR. The data connections to the DVR are through RJ45 and Category-5 cables. Features:1.?Combines video, power and data into a single RJ45 4-pair cable2.?Use with the power-video-data transceiver at the camera3.?Built-in passive transceivers with surge protection4.?60 dB cross talk and noise immunity 5.?Designed for structured wiring applications 6.?Connectors: Video-BNC, UTP-RJ45, Power-"Press-Fit" terminal block Technical specifications: 4ch CCTV UTP Power Video Data Combiner Balun (PVD308) Video Format NTSC,?PAL?,?and?SECAM Frequency Response DC?to?8MHz Attenuation 0.5dB?typ CMRR 60?dB Impedance Coax, Male BNC 75?ohms RJ45/Terminal Block 100?ohms Working environment Working?Temperature -10??to?+70? ?Storage?Temperature -30??to?+70? Humidity 0 to 95% Wire Type UTP5 Connector Male BNC, RJ45 and Terminal Block Power 12V-36V Case Metal Dimension 85mm*47mm*25mm Weight 0.22KGS Wire TypeThe PVD system operates well with Cats or better UTP wire,24 AWG(0.5mm) or thicker.Low voltage camera power video may be sent within same wire bundle.Do not use shielded twisted-pair wire.Do not use un-twisted wire.Do not run 24V/28VAC within same wire bundle with telecom or other datacom signals Power-Distance ChartUsing PVD products, cameras can be powered at extended distances, please refer to the ctart below for more information. Power Supply Voltage 24VAC 28VAC 13VDC Resultant Camera Voltage 21VAC 21VAC 10VDC 100mA Camera 400m 800m 300m 300mA Camera 130m 260m 100m 500mA Camera 80m 160m 60m 1A Camera 40m 80m 30m All ?RJ45 Connector follows industry-standard TIA/EIA 568B pinouts. Camera Connections Data Connections Application Diagram
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