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Date: 4th July 2016
Compression Tool For Waterproof CCTV F Connectors (T5081)
CCTV Compression Tool for Waterproof F Connectors (T5081)Description:CCTV Compression Tool for Waterproof F ConnectorsThe compression tool T5081 is for compressing waterproof F connectors RG-59(4C) and RG-6(5C). It?s adjustable for compressing connectors of different lengths.Instructions:1.?Close the handles until the fixed set touches the moving Set as shown in FIG.1.2.?Turn the released screw by counter clockwise direction until it touches the adjusting screw as shown in FIG.2.3.?Turn the adjusting screw to provide different length as shown in FIG.3.4.?Insert the connecter with cable into the crimper and adjust the adjusting screw until it provides the correct crimping length as shown in FIG.4.5.?And then fasten the released screw as shown in FIG.56.?Squeeze the handles to the end and released. Thus completing the process as shown in FIG.6.For example, it can be used for our F connector model No.CT5083/RG59.Size: 200*85*18mm(L*W*H)Net Weight: 400g(445g including blister packing)
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