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Date: 1st July 2016
Dual RCA Female To Dual RCA Female Adapter (CT5032)
Dual RCA Female to Dual RCA Female Adapter (CT5032)This nickel-plated and plastic-bodied coaxial adapter has two RCA female connectors opposite one another. These adapters can be used as composite cable gender changers,Website:, or to join two cables together.Features:Connector A: RCA jack (female)Connector B: RCA jack (female)Material: Iron or BrassFinish: Nickel or GoldenUse:- Carry audio video signals- Carry S/PDIF-formatted digital audioQ & AQ: What is an RCA connection typically used for?A: RCA is used for audio and video signals.Q: Are there different sizes of RCA connections?A: No, RCA is a standard size that all manufacturers adhere to.Q: I see RCA connectors described as plugs and jacks. What does this mean?A: These terms are decided by the gender of the connector. A Plug is a male which has a protruding center pin. A jack will accept a male pin.Q: What kind of cable should be used with RCA connectors?A: Speaker cable is commonly used for most RCA connectors. There are specialized connectors which are meant for coaxial cable.
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