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Date: 1st July 2016
High Sensitivity Low Noise CCTV Surveillance System Camera Audio Microphone (502A)
CCTV Surveillance Microphone with High Sensitivity Low Noise (502A)Features:1. ? ? ?Dedicated preamplifier IC2.????? High Sensitivity and low noise3.??????Power polarity protection circuit?Specifications:BrandChinaskyModel Number502AWork Voltage6 ~ 14VDCWork Current12mAFrequency50 ~ 13KHzOutput impedance600?Pickup Range50~120m2Work Temperature-20?C?to?50?CPackage Dimension39x31x18mmWhat is our micrphone for?This audio surveillance microphone can be added to any surveillance system with audio input. The CCTV microphone is typically used as an add-on to CCTV cameras that do not have built-in audio.?This microphone is stand alone as it does not rely on the power source from a security camera. Plug and play cables can be used with these microphones to easily run both the audio and power centrally back to the DVR.?The Mic comes with its own 12V DC power supply and can be used with CCTV Camera Pros stand alone surveillance DVRs or PC based DVRs,Website:, such as Geovision.?Because the microphone has a female RCA input and most DVRs have RCA inputs for the microphone inputs, we include two BNC to RCA converters for each end of the plug and play cable. Order the cable with this microphone and the converters are included. See the below audio surveillance connection diagram for more information.
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