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Date: 13th August 2016
One Channel Tool-less Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun(VB108E)
One Channel Tool-less Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun(VB108E)Description:The Tool-less Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun VB108E is a passive transmission device that transmit video signal over unshielded twisted pair wires, point-to-point, for distances up to 1000 feet (330 m). It uses Category 5 UTP. It?s easy to install and cost effective, and does not require power.The extremely compact size allows the VB108E to fit anywhere that a BNC can fit. It is ideal for mounting directly on virtually all high-density DVRs without any additional cabling. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.Features:1.?Full-motion CCTV video at distances up to 330m When used with any passive transceiver2.?Up to 1500m with any active UTP video receiver3.?Outstanding interference rejection, transient protection4.?High quality image5.?Tool-less, no need to strip the wires, installs in seconds, easy crimp video balun6.?It can work as video transmitter or video receiver7.?Compact size and easy installationTechnical specifications:One Channel Tool-less Passive CCTV UTP Video Balun(VB108E)Video FormatNTSC,?PAL,?and?SECAM?Frequency ResponseDC?to?8MHzAttenuation0.5dB?typCMRR60?dB?ImpedanceCoax, Male BNC75?ohms?Terminal Block100?ohmsWorking environmentWorking?Temperature-10??to?+50??Storage?Temperature-30??to?+70?Humidity?0?to?95%Wire TypeUTP5UTP ConnectionNo need to strip the wiresPowerNo power requiredCaseABS PlasticDimension57mm*17mm*14mmWeight?40g/pair
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