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Date: 1st July 2016
RG59 95% Braided Siamese Cable, CCTV Video Power Cable, 500FT/UL Listed (90S/500)
RG59 95% Braided Siamese Cable,Website:, CCTV Video Power Cable, 500FT/UL Listed 90S/500 Description:Siamese cable refers to a type of combination cable that makes it possible to run two types of wiring ? typically for power and data transmission ? to a given location through a single cable. Siamese cables offer cleaner and more organized installations, and are commonly used in video, surveillance camera and closed-circuit television (CCTV) applications for that very reason: equipment can be wired for power and signal without the installer having to use separate cables for each type of connection. So siamese cable makes CCTV camera installation easier. RG59U Siamese coaxial cables are great for distance. Structure:1.?RG 59 + 2 Power wire2.?Conductor: 1C, 0.81mm, bare copper3.?Power cable: 2C, 18AWG, 1 red and 1 black4.?Braided Density: 95%=128x0.12mm CCA 5.?Colors available: white or black6.?Length of cable: 500feet=152.4m Features:1.?Runs both video and power in one cable 2.?Video run in RG59 Coaxial cable 3.?Power run through 18 gauge pair4.?Cable can be cut to exact length Applications: 1.? CATV-community antenna television 2.? CCTV-closed-circuit television 3.? DBS-direct broadcasting satellite
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