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Date: 1st July 2016
Single RS485 Lightning Protection Devices (SPD01-D12A)
Single RS485 lightning Protection Devices (SPD01-D12A)Description:1.?Used for data single RS4852.?Designed according to the standard of IEC surge protector.3.?The joint form is standard screw grip,Website:, providing protect of 1~2 groups of circuits.4.?There are various choices of quota voltage, and the installation and maintenance is easy and convenient.5.?3-levels in tandern type, the maximum discharging current achieves 10kA. Reacting within Nanosecond level, it can fully protect those equipments of the latest semiconductors.Features:?ParametersValuesContinuous operating voltage Un5VNominal discharging current In (8/20us)5kAMaximum discharging current Imax (8/20us)10kALimit voltage Up15VData transmission rate Vs10MbpsInsert loss Ae0.2dBResponse time Ta1nSJoint formGripProtection formLine to line, line to earthWorking conditionsTemperature -25?-+65?; Humidity ?95%(25-30?)Expiration patternThe communication lines are short-circuit or cut off to earthTest standardIEC61643-21:2000
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